Presents for Preemies

Launched in March 2014, Presents for Preemies is an initiative started by PoP Ottawa to assist families with the early arrival of their little one and their hospital stay. Packages also include items to help parents better handle the stress of having a little one in one of Ottawa’s NICUs or Special Care Nursery (SCN). These include items such as pre-loaded gift cards, breast milk bags, receiving blankets etc.

What’s in a Presents for Preemies package?

Although we cannot guarantee what is in every bag, PoP Ottawa does its best to provide items that will be of use to every family.

Items include:

  • Pre-loaded gift cards;
  • Receiving blankets;
  • Preemie clothing and hats;
  • Locally handcrafted blankets and hats;
  • Locally handcrafted gentle soaps;
  • Toiletries for parents such as lotions, hand sanitizer; and,
  • Local resources and business coupons.

How can I get one or get one for someone I know?

At this time, in order for the packages to be properly organized and not to overwhelm hospital staff  it is best to be contact our Association directly (


An integral part of this program is that POP asks recipients of a Presents for Preemies package to pay-it-forward and share anything unused or no longer in use with another family. Paying-it-forward is a huge part of the POP’s group philosophy.

Thank You

Thank you to all the organizations and families that have supported the Presents for Preemies program. If your family or your organization would like to contribute to the Presents for Preemies program please contact