Board Member Profile – Rakhi Radia

by Eric

Rakhi is the mother of three preemies. She and her husband had their first preemie in December 2008 at 34 weeks, her second in April 2011 at 32 weeks and her third in June 2013 at 34 weeks. All three were born premature due to premature aging of the placenta and placental abruption. All were delivered via C-section and were under 4lbs at birth. Rakhi became involved with PoP in the winter of 2014 when she offered to donate clothing and help out with packages that were being delivered to the hospital. She became more active with the organization as she began delivering packages to the hospital regularly, which led to her being named Director of Public Outreach. Rakhi puts together and delivers all packages to Ottawa area NICUs. She often sits down and chats with parents, offers her experience, acts as a sounding board or just offers a hug when needed. Outside of PoP, Rakhi is a nuclear scientist with the Department of National Defence.

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