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Press Release – Parents of Preemies Association Undergoes Organizational Restructuring


Ottawa, February 11th, 2015: It is with great sadness that the Parents of Preemies Association founder, Nicole Lyons, has announced her resignation from the organization’s board of directors due to personal reasons. Her involvement in the organization has been a great asset and she will truly be missed.

The remaining board members met on the evening of February 5th, 2015 to discuss board restructuring and ensure continuity of organizational support and activities. We are pleased to announce that Julia Shea will be taking the role of Chair of Board Directors. Additionally, Eric Bouliane has been appointed treasurer and will begin operational tasks of the organization’s finances and donations.

We are happy to continue working with existing board members: Amélie Bisson (Director of External Communications), Krista Curtis (Director of Fundraising), Pamela Root (Secretary), Rakhi Radia (Director of Public Outreach), Sara Chenier (Director of Internal Communications and Marketing), and Sheena Leonard (Director of Events).

We look forward to working with the local hospitals, families, and the community in 2015. Any inquiries can be directed to